Volume 4
Issue 1
Dr.Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital, Kalongo

Year of Foundation: 1957
Management: Archdiocese of Gulu
Number of beds: 320
Staff: 135 Qualified 169 Unqualified
Medical Officers: 4
Outpatients 2004/05: 58.462
Inpatients 2004/05: 13.336
Inpatient Mortality: 2,2%
Children’s Mortality: 2,1%
Average Length Of hospital Stay: 8 days
Bed Occupancy Rate: 89%

Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital is a private not for profit health institution with social and spiritual aims belonging to the Catholic Archdiocese of Gulu, officially recognized by the  Uganda Government in 1957. It was started in 1934 by Sister  Eletta Mantiero, a Comboni Missionary sister, as a small  dispensary in a grass hut which rapidly developed into a maternity and medical unit. With the arrival of Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli, who spent more than 30 years in Kalongo, the
hospital was built and developed with the support of many Comboni Missionaries, the congregation of the Sisters of Mary
Immaculate and several expatriate doctors.
In 1959 Dr Ambrosoli officially opened the “St. Mary’s Midwifery School”. The first group of students qualified in 1961 and the institution soon reached a well known reputation all over Uganda. Since its start over 900 Midwives qualified from the school.
From February 1987 to November 1989, Kalongo Mission, the Hospital and the School were evacuated following a Government’s decision, due to the war. Dr Ambrosoli died in Lira on the 27th March, 1987 because of renal failure. His memory is still vivid in the local people who used to call him “the doctor of God.” From 1987 the hospital and the mission were protected against lootings by the local population. The hospital was officially reopened on December 2nd, 1989 and Dr Father Egidio Tocalli was appointed as Superintendent. The Midwifery School was temporarily moved to Angal Hospital in 1987 to continue training midwives and was brought back to Kalongo in 1990.